The Little Book Of Behaviour


Derbyshire author James Clarke is hoping to pass on his acquired wisdom with the publication of his first book, a Godsend to stressed parents, The Little Book of Behaviour. 

 Delightfully easy-to-read, it is amusing and informative, full of tried and tested strategies, suggestions and entertaining anecdotes. And jargon is deliberately kept to a minimum!

 "What I'm setting out to do with this book is to give some guidelines into the basics of behaviour management that have been successful for me over a 10 year period," explains James.

 And he should know! A self-confessed people watcher, he has worked in care homes and with a wide variety of people with behavioural problems and learning difficulties.

 "I have had a great deal of experience in dealing with behaviour across a wide range of situations and environments and what I wish to achieve is to give a base understanding of methods for interacting with an individual exhibiting undesired behaviour.

Billed as the "the book trying to save the world one brain at a time", The Little Book Of Behaviour is such a handy guide, it's a wonder that nothing like it has been easily available before. Compact, at just 78 pages, it is easy to read.

 But it has been a battle to write it. James felt isolated by schooling and when he left education, the only thing lower than his grades was his self-esteem. Eventually diagnosed as having severe dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome in his late 20s, he has learnt from the School of Hard Knocks. "I firmly believe you don't need to go to university to study a subject that you lead every day," he says.

 James Clarke is passionate about understanding the causes and consequences of human behaviour and this book amply proves that.


The Little Book Of Behaviour

(paperback £5.99 ISBN 978-178035-3905-6)